Lab Alumni

This is an alphabetical list of undergraduates who have worked in the Social Fringe lab.

Tremayne Abazs: Psychology major (Earlham College ’16)

Deema Agha: Psychology major (Earlham College ’12)

Duncan Barber: Psychology major (Earlham College ’16), AmeriCorps Member with City Year New York

Jennifer Barrett: Psychology major (Earlham College ’17), completed an MSc in Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare at the University of Edinburgh (’19), published article

Samantha Bielanski: Psychology and English double major (Earlham College ’16), Creative Learning Support Program Teacher at Gangwon International Language Institute (Korea)

Makena Buser: Psychology major (Earlham College ’20)

Laura Donohue: Psychology major (Earlham College ’13), obtained an MSW from NYU, Social Worker at Lambeth Council (UK)

Olga Galperin: Psychology and Music double major (Earlham College ’15), Watson Fellow exploring how environments (specifically matriarchal societies) shape women’s identification with music, studying at Instituto Profesional Projazz (Chile)

Jordyn Grimes: Psychology major (Earlham College ’16)

Yanely Grullon: Psychology major (Alfred University ’11), obtained a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Alfred University and is a functional family therapist in NY, NY

Selina Hardt: Psychology and Peace & Global Studies double major (Earlham College ’18)

Megan Hut: Psychology major (Earlham College ’16), completed an MAT at Earlham College (’18)

Ellie Johnston-Dumerauf: Psychology major (Earlham College ’15), Recovery Counselor at Trilogy Behavioral Healthcare

Seren Keskin: Psychology and Business & Nonprofit Management double major (Earlham College ’17), selected into Hilton Elevator Graduate Fast Track Program for the Middle East and Africa

Maria Fernanda Landin: Psychology major (Earlham College ’19)

Sarah Levine: Psychology major (Earlham College ’16), one year in the Westmoreland Volunteer Corps, working at Offender Aid and Restoration of Arlington County

Gillian Lichter: Psychology major (Alfred University, ’11), obtained a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from NYU and works as a staff therapist at IHI Therapy

Jenny Mazzella: Human Development & Social Relations major (Earlham College ’15)

Sally McCracken: Anthropology major (University of Tennessee ’16), enrolled in a PhD program for Anthropology at the University of Iowa

Anicka Meyers: Neuroscience major (Earlham College ’13), one year of Quaker Voluntary Service, in medical school at Oregon Health and Science University to become a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Rachel Milah: Psychology major (Earlham College ’14)

Rebecca Moore: Human Development & Social Relations major (Earlham College ’19)

Caspar Nesbitt-Daly: Psychology and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies double major (Earlham College ’18)

Kayla Parks: Psychology major (Earlham College ’13)

Kai Patricio: Human Development & Social Relations and Computer Science double major (Earlham College ’14)

Jensen Pennock: Psychology major (Earlham College ’16)

Lan Phan: Human Development & Social Relations major (Earlham College ’20)

Xhilda Prifti: Peace & Global Studies major (Earlham College ’19)

Oliver Salustri: Psychology and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies double major (Earlham College ’19)

Julia Schetelig: Psychology and Global Management double major (Earlham College ’21)

Katie Schneller: Neuroscience major (Earlham College ’13), in medical school at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine to become a Naturopathic Doctor

Jessi Smith: Psychology major (’21)

Jese Stetson: Psychology major (Earlham College ’14), Director of Construction Services at Cutting Edge Construction & Excavation, Inc.

Ai Lena Tomioka: Psychology and Geology double major (Earlham College ’19)

Jake Van Bortel-Buckley: Psychology major (Alfred University ’11), IT at SunGard Higher Eduction

Annalee Wilson: Psychology major (Earlham College ’18)

Karim Zagha: Psychology major (Earlham College ’17), pursuing a master’s degree in Applied Psychology at Leipzig University (Germany)

Adam Zeckendorf: Psychology major (Alfred University ’10)